Zhoushan City, the 402 plant to celebrate the thirty anniversary of the successful completion of a


On 24 June 2016, with the buffet will be over, Zhoushan City 402 factory celebrate plant the 30th anniversary of the series of activities, which lasted two months and concluded successfully.
  To celebrate the 30th anniversary, the factory set up a leading group of Changqing, around the "loyalty to the development of responsibility sharing" as the theme, two months time actively planning organization carried out a series of activities. From calligraphy, photography, painting, essay contest, to quality and safety knowledge contest, from bone china tableware, fashion insulation Cup, the Changqing cultural shirt, won a prize in the gift of the purchase, to sort of enterprise culture, from the group project, the tug of war, unity and consistent to move forward, to the decision of the 120 guests designated reception to celebrate the Convention and literary show held and buffet dinner ended etc... during this period embodies the too much hard work and efforts, these activities can be successfully can be said is the crystallization of the collective wisdom of the general staff. We can not without pride, we create material civilization at the same time, for the community's spiritual civilization has made a positive contribution.
  The stage extends as far as the heart goes。 We are confident in doing things at the same time, we must continue to sum up experience and lessons, strong quality, outside the plastic image, we have the ability to have confidence in the next ten years, the plant development to a higher level!

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